Thursday, February 10, 2005

Aide to MD Governor Ehrlich fired over rumors

Joseph Steffen, and aide to Maryland Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich was fired after Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley complained that Steffen was posting untrue rumors about an alleged affair that O'Malley had with a Baltimore television reporter. In fact, the rumors initially appeared on the blog "Free Republic", and Steffen was commenting on the rumors on various blogs. A blogger identifying himself as Steffen writes, in Free Republic:

"What can I say other than the Governor had no knowledge whatsoever of any postings on FR. For the record, I offered to resign before being asked to do so. And, no, I have not spoken directly with the Governor about any of this.

The Baltimore Sun will be running a piece on this as well on Wednesday. They called Tuesday night and were ready to pin the whole thing on the Governor, and I couldn't let that happen because it simply isn't true. The Governor had no knowledge of anything involving O'Malley or the "rumors."

The Maryland media, in particular the Baltimore Sun has been continuously going after Ehrlich with a vengeance, especially after Ehrlich announced that he would no longer allow his staff to talk to the Sun because of the constant attacks and lies that the paper wrote about Maryland's first republican Governor in over 30 years.

Of course, don't expect the MD media to do any actual fact checking on whether this rumor could have any truth to it, the MD MSM is historically extremely left-leaning, and O'Malley is considered to be the front runner in the challenge to Ehrlich in the next Governors race.

Stay tuned.......

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