Saturday, February 19, 2005

Linc Watch

In our effort to provide continuing coverage on the 2006 US Senate race for the seat presently held by the enigmatic Lincoln Chafee, today's news:

The Projo reported today, that: "Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the number two in the leadership of the majority Republicans, told a crowd of more than 125 at [a fund raiser at] the Hotel Providence that Chafee's reelection is crucial to keeping Republicans in power in Washington, and in giving Rhode Island some clout in a GOP-controlled capital."

The report went on to say that nearly every major RI Republican figure save one, Mayor Stephen P. Laffey of Cranston, attended the event and nodded reassuringly. Alright, the nodding part was just my wild immagination.

The Senescent Man, being very old, is able to remember a time when, in 1980, the same Republican stalwarts came out for George H. W. Bush's presidential nomination, only to be crushed by a phalanx of new Reagan Republicans.

Could it happen again?

I like Mitch McConnell. I think it's a brave thing he's doing. I suppose someone has got to try to protect the seat for the Republicans nationally, but I think they'd be better off dumping Chafee and seeking higher ground rather than trying to get that dog to hunt.

More to come.

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