Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Oh, I Thought it was the "Estate of the Unions"

It's sort of like that line in the movie Groundhog Day,

"Did any of your parents play the piano?"

"No, but my father was a piano mover ."

I'm thinking I just might want to change the name of this blog to either "The Senile Ol' Man" or "The Silly Ol' Goat." When I read that Bush was planning to "press his agenda" in the Washington Times, I was wondering whether or not he had a steam iron and an ironing board resting on the presidential podium. B'dum ching .

But seriously folks, ...predictions on tonights State of the Union:
  • No brainer: what to do about Social Security? Look as old as I am, I would still benefit from even a little privatization, though if the Congress takes years to ratify any changes, well, then I'm out of the running, but maybe my kids won't be.
  • What to do about the Axis of Evil? Iran will come up. So will N. Korea. I hope he's in the face of the mullah's in Iran. And that he refers to the little dictator Kim Jong-il of North Korea as a "punk."
  • Taxes: the president will want a plan on his desk within the year that greatly simplifies the 1040 form, and does not punish middle class folk.
  • He will recognize an Iraq war hero in the audience.
  • He will make gracious remarks about members of the Democrat party, possibly even his former opponent(s).
The speech will last less than 40 minutes IMHO, though Clinton droned for over an hour, and Bush has attempted to emulate him to our great dismay in States of the Union past.

But you know, I've been wrong before.

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