Sunday, February 06, 2005

Our Coverage Begins: RI - US Senate Watch

This is an issue of national interest -- the race for the US Senate seat presently held by Sen Lincoln Chafee of RI. Many Americans know that Chafee has been at best an eccentric and at worst, an overt obstacle to President Bush and the Republican agenda in Washington, and for some time. Though his father, whom he succeeded, John H. Chafee, was considered a moderate - even a liberal - Republican. Lincoln is no John Chafee. He's much more weird than his father to begin with.

Since his unusual pronouncements (e.g., I will not vote for George W. Bush, etc.) he's begun shlepping his way back to the Republican base in RI. Even though RI Republicans tend to be more toward the Left of mainstrean Republicans, Chafee's attempts to recenter himself may be to little avail. He's a marked man, his eccentricities making him a vulnerable target in 2006.

This week, RI Secretary of State, Matthew Brown, announced his candidacy to get a jump on a long queue of other prominant RI Democrats lusting after the seat. He has nearly instantly raised over $200,000 after his announcement. Brown is an obsequious, grab-the-vomit-bag liberal Democrat, a relative new-comer, who has held his Secretary of State seat for only 2 years. He's expected to see a ferocious opposition by moderate Democrat Congressman James Langevin. Langevin is pro-life, pro-military Democrat with a heart for those with debilitating conditions, himself the first quadriplegic to enter the halls of Congress.

Conservative Republicans have interest in Chafee's seat as well. Successful Mayor Stephen P. Laffey, who transformed the financial wreckage left by Democrat predessessors in his city of Cranston, is considered a possible and formidable primary opponent of Chafee's.

But there are some heavy duty conservative Republicans currently in the US Senate who are attempting to lend aid to the wobbly Chafee campaign. Mitch McConnell for one, who is helping him raise some dough. One can only speculate that these Republicans are only trying to bring theit lost brother back to the fold.

But Chafee is more than just eccentric. His record is outright liberal. His ADA rating as of June 2004 was a high 70% (ACU, a low enough 47%). A big abortion proponent, he has been supported by "pro-choicers" from around the nation. But abortion proponents know that their bread is always buttered on the Democrat side, so we learned today, in the column of M. Charles Bakst in the Providence Journal, that "Dr. Pablo Rodriguez, a hero in the world of abortion rights" has already contibuted richly to Brown's (not Chafee's) campaign.

Ah, the justice of poltics - not too dissimilar from that of the Mafia.

Today, The Senescent Man begins its "RI - US Senate Watch." We'll keep an eye on trends and coming attractions for this particular race in RI.

Those interested in the Chafee - Langevin - Brown - Laffey - ???? race, we urge you to stay tuned. Much more fun to come.

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