Thursday, February 17, 2005

RI - US Senate Watch Continued

A Brown University poll announced this morning in the Projo, indicates that, as suspected, Congressman James Langevin leads against incumbent eclectic Senator Lincoln Chafee.

If the race were held today, here is how the various contenders would stand.

Langevin Brown Chafee Laffey

25% 39%


From these results we see Congressman Langevin as a very strong contender, Secretary of State Matt Brown being weaker, but still in the game, and Cranston Mayor Laffey as having potential.

At the moment, the inconsistent US Senator is on the ropes. His campaign spokesman Stephen Hourahan states that, well, when Chafee ran against pro-lifer Congressman Bob Weygand, the pro-abortionist Chafee won out.

Hourahan, who has contributed to Matt Brown's earlier campaign for Secretary of State (though a spokesman for Chafee -- this demonstrates the Senator's values) actually thinks that's why Chafee beat Weygand - not because of Chafee's father's good name.

That whooshing sound you hear is the sound of the Democrats taking back that seat in the US Senate unless Laffey revs it up. Stay tuned.

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