Monday, February 21, 2005

There He Goes Again

Mackubin Owens, National Review Online Contributing Editor and Professor of National Security Affairs at the Naval War College in Newport is now a contributor at Anchor Rising. Owens has just published a post on the indefatigable Senator Lincoln Chafee, and an idea he's proffering in his recent email newsletter to constituents suggesting an alternative to the president's Clear Skies legislation. Basically, Chafee is looking to spend much more money for not much in return.

An excerpt:
The centerpiece of Chafee's plan, the Clean Air Planning Act (Carper/Chafee) is a significant reduction in carbon dioxide levels.

Chafee claims that he is "committed to addressing this serious problem with sound environmental regulation of the power industry while striking a balance among public health, the economy, and energy efficiency." But his plan would achieve its goals at high economic cost. I tried to explain why in an op-ed for the February 18 edition of the Newport Daily News:

Read the whole thing.

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