Thursday, February 17, 2005

Three Stars at Opinion Journal dot Com This Morning

The WSJ Online (Opinion Journal) hit the jackpot this morning with three very interesting and compelling pieces.

The first is by one of my favorites, Peggy Noonan. It's about the blog revolution and it begins:

"Salivating morons." "Scalp hunters." "Moon howlers." "Trophy hunters." "Sons of Sen. McCarthy." "Rabid." "Blogswarm." "These pseudo-journalist lynch mob people."

This is excellent invective.
UPDATE: Be sure to see Donald B. Hawthorne's post today at Anchor Rising for a full analysis of this piece by Noonan.

The second is on the city of Baltimore and the running battle between the governor, Gov. Robert Ehrlich, and the Baltimore Sun. Fellow Senescent Man blogger Steve Graham has touched on this interesting issue in Maryland.

The third
is a review by Michael Medved of the recent Clint Eastwood movie "Million Dollar Baby." Medved grapples with the issue of whether it is legitimate for conservatives to be unhappy with Eastwood's (himself known for his conservative - though more libertarian - views) Oscar nominated film:
In recent weeks, some of the nation's most influential cultural observers have chosen to concentrate their Academy Awards commentary on my harsh reaction on radio and TV about the deceptive packaging of Clint Eastwood's boxing-and-euthanasia epic, "Million Dollar Baby."
Try to catch them all. The WSJ is a terrific paper.

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