Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Usual Ugh!

Okay, okay, okay. The mainstream media coverage of the State of the Union was lame. The Democratic response put me to sleep. Andrew Sullivan summed up Senator Reid's response: "A 'Marshall plan for America'? Could these people be lamer? More out of touch? More pathetically pandering? Just when you thought you couldn't get any worse than Tom Daschle, you get this ... Jeez. 'Groundhog day'??? "We can do better"?? Who writes this guff?"

Okay, but is anyone noticing how the MSM continues to gripe and jab. They keep nagging now about Social Security reform. Oh, there's not going to be enough money for people to retire if you fiddle with SS. Oh, the system is sound. After all, even the Social Security Administration says the President is wrong about 2042. It won't be bankrupt by then, it will still be able to distrbute three-quarters of what it will be obligated to distribute then. See, everything is right with the world.

Come on! This is a golden moment. Where are the couragous politicians? Where are the visionaries? Look, I'm 53. I'm in between the category of those 55 and over who get everything as it was, and those who are much younger who get the better deal, and I'm not complaining. In fact I'm applauding this.

The subject has got people scrambling for data (by the way, an excellent piece in the WSJ earlier this week explains the situation succinctly). This is a good thing. People need to get educated. The more information that's out there, the less the rhetoricians can scare us.

Let's get some reform going here. Democrats: you are commiting suicide if you keep up your rhetoric. Liberal Republicans on the fence, and you know who they are: Don't blow it. Reform is needed. Don't mess with our kids' futures. They need this change.

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