Monday, February 07, 2005

You know you are getting their attention when........

Laura Vanderkam writes an interesting article on how Blogs are shattering the arrogance of the MSM, and why journalism will benefit as a result.

Joseph Newcomer, a Microsoft programming teacher with expertise in typesetting, was the individual that made the recent assertions regarding CBS and President Bush's National Gaurd service. One of those attacking him was Corey Pein, of the Columbia Journalism Review:

"Sure enough, "Blog-Gate," by Corey Pein, a CJR assistant editor, said Newcomer was a "self-proclaimed" expert whose resume "seemed" impressive. His conclusions were "bold bordering on hyperbolic." Newcomer's font analysis, posted on his Web site, www.flounder. com., was "long and technical, discouraging close examination."

You can always tell when a liberal is getting scared, because facts and analysis quickly give way to name calling.

Read the story here.

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