Thursday, March 31, 2005

Closing Thoughts and Comments on Terri Schiavo on Her Passing Today

First, I refer you to a cool, conservative cat, who makes reference to a myriad of good posts.

Secondly, I also refer you to some extreme wisdom.

After that I would merely add, I simply do not comprehend how the courts concluded that Michael Schiavo should act as the sole spokesman for Terri when he essentially had moved on years earlier, while Terri's parents and siblings were so subordinated. I think this will continue to be debated, and rightfully so.

Lastly, the courts. They have been injured by this. Yes, yes, the kooks keep saying that Congress made a mistake by intervening. Can't these turkeys see that it was the judiciary that acted as the imperialistic governing body in this matter, completely unchecked by anything? Wake up!

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