Monday, March 21, 2005

The Evening Blather without Dan Rather

Made the awful mistake of watching the MSM evening news on television this evening.

Can't these people see how overtly biased they are? Every expert they excavated was in favor of death for Terri Schiavo. One actually said that she was, essentially, "as a dead person." Outrageous! I actually heard the entire room wince at that remark.

What is to become of every unwanted wife (or husband for that matter), whose spouse is able to bamboozle a judge into thinking that he knows what the infirmed wife wanted, and that is to be killed through starvation.

This woman, Terri Schiavo, is not in need of any herculean efforts to be kept alive. Food and water is all she needs. She takes care of the rest. Her parents are willing to do it for crying out loud. I would venture her caregivers at the hospice she resides are writhing in agony over the court order not to feed this helpless woman.

Are we to believe that what happens to severely handicapped people, the least of these, who cannot feed themselves - that they become such burdens on society that we allow them to starve as a merciful measure while the intellectualoids argue whether or not they feel any pain?! I weep for our society of people really fall for this nonsense.

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