Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Cultural Revolution

From today's WSJ:

The shuttlecock, if one may borrow Dr. [Samuel] Johnson's phrase, is now struck at both ends of the room. The blogosphere is filled with energetic conservative voices, many of them testing the claims of the mainstream media with deadly precision--think of Dan Rather's travails. (Mr. [Brian] Anderson [of television's "South Park"]calls James Taranto's "Best of the Web," a feature on Dow Jones's OpinionJournal site, "an incisive guide to and commentary on the day's top Internet stories.") Right-of-center newspapers and magazines can be found on a host of college campuses, even Berkeley's. Fox News has ended the cozy conformity of TV news coverage and comment. And talk radio has long since noisily advanced ideas that go unexpressed in the corridors of The New Yorker--or of Cosmopolitan, for that matter.

Read the whole thing.

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