Thursday, April 14, 2005

Who Said This? II

Who made the following statement in the last few days?

"It's just human nature that when I need something they'll remember this if I stick with them [the Republicans]."

Was it:

Cranston Mayor Stephen P. Laffey [R]?

Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri [R]?

United States Senator Lincoln Chafee [R?]?

If you guessed Chafee, give yourself a cigar, though it wasn't difficult to determine who might have been the obsequious one of the bunch. Who else would need to ingratiate himself with his own party? And who else would ruminate about it in a public forum? None other than the Linc-man himself.

Am I pleased he's sticking with Bolton?

Indeed. But with Chafee it's a crap shoot. You don't know when he's going to side with conservatives and when he isn't. If someone would have asked me six months ago that if such a nomination was made would Linc Chafee support it, I would have guessed, no, he wouldn't, just as if a conservative Supreme Court justice nominee came along. And no doubt, it will, and indeed, he will (not support, that is).

Ah, what to do. I suppose for now, just take advantage. But a day is coming, and very soon, when something has to be done.

Is he endangered by a Whitehouse or a Brown? Nah! Could he be derailed by a Laffey? Hmm. We'll have to stand by.

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