Thursday, May 05, 2005

MSM Short Sightedness

I am concerned at the way the mainstream media continues to focus its attention on the bad news in the Middle East, while giving short shrift to the good news. I think it is because of short mindedness and the immediate satisfaction of bringing something deemed "newsworthy" into the public eye sooner than the next guy, but this approach lacks vision. It is also a hopeless view. I used to think that the pressure on the MSM from new media like blogs would change that, but all I can see is a recalcitrance, a stiffening resistance to change.

The bad guys are losing. The Book of Revelation foreshadows a spurt of devilish activity just before the end, and so it goes with these demons.

What of the reports of complaining Al Qaeda insurgents? What about the recent capture of a Number 3 guy in Pakistan for which we had to be reminded today that nothing too good could be said about it since we've all stopped paying attention. What of the reports that soldiers in Iraq, when asked what do they want the most, their answer is not "to go home" like it was in Vietnam (and understandably so), but "to kill bad guys."

The bloggosphere really needs to keep the pressure on the MSM even though we're in a kind of news lull right now.

Belmont Club has several posts on what our good soldiers are accomplishing "over there." Check it out.

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