Sunday, June 26, 2005

Embarrassing Governmental Decisions

"Terri Schiavo's case brought out the worst in many of our elected officials. Last March, after her husband, Michael Schiavo, won court permission to have her feeding tube removed, according to her expressed [sic] wishes, Congress held a ludicrous emergency session to pass a 'Terri Schiavo bill.'..." so begins an editorial from Saturday's Projo. But it is equally true that the Terri Schiavo case has likewise brought out the absolute worst in the MSM, this Projo editorial being among the many examples.

The Schiavo autopsy revealed that Terri Schiavo's brain had partially atrophied, and had shrunk in size. Did it make her any less human? Do we toss away those who are less than we are? Do we let a husband have complete say in her fate who obviously had conflicts of interest, and who somehow dogmatically convinced a judge that he knew what she wanted under the circumstances of her last days without a shred of written authority, while her parents and siblings, who had known her more of her life than he, had absolutely zero say about her fate.

The Projo points its spiny long finger at the US Senate and Senate Majority Leader Frist in particular. They say he grandstanded, and let the government do embarrassing things it should never had done in this case.

I must say, the government has done far more embarrassing things with less criticism from the Projo. Why take that stupid Kelo decision of the Supreme Court the other day. Why not rail against the liberals of the SCOTUS who voted along clear idealogical lines in that case? No, we have to praise the nut-husband of poor Terri Schiavo who vindictively cremated his wife, and buried her ashes in a grave with a marker: "I kept my promise."

That message tells us that it was not about poor Terri Schiavo, rather, it was about him, and that it was always about him.

Where is the editorial discernment of the Projo? Whither the MSM?

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