Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Is Janice Rogers Brown "a good pick?"

I have a theory. Mainstream liberals are moving away from the MSM, and toward the internet, but not so much toward the blogosphere.

MSNBC has just posted a news flash on the confirmation of Janice Rogers Brown to the Federal Court position for which she's patiently waited a preposterous 2 years for an up or down vote. This is a highly qualified candidate with an excellent judicial record. MSNBC asks is she "a good pick?" whatever that means. At the time of my post about 3,800 people had voted. At the time of this post, the vote is 58% no, 33% yes. How could the vote be so absurdly skewed, and so soon?

By the way, you can cast your vote here: Live vote: Is Brown a good choice? - Politics -

So if the MSM (TV and print media) are seeing an exodus, are those whose heads are comprised of solid bone moving to the internet to get their news fix? And if they are, are they perusing MSNBC (and CNN for that matter) and leaving the blogosphere to us right wing nuts?

Though there are some really excellent politically liberal blogs, it could mean that the blogosphere will be predominantly populated by those opposed to the liberal mainstream, regardless of the medium.

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