Saturday, June 18, 2005

Mordant le Nez au Dépit le Visage

My silence over the past week was caused, in part, by my being in Paris, enjoying the Air Show at Le Bourget on the outskirts of the City of Lights.

First I had to contend with the International version of CNN, where it is evident that the US should be bound and gagged and tossed into the nearest deep ocean with cement shoes. There is not a single thing the American government does right. I should have blogged from there every day just to complain about each entre served up by the English speaking MSM, but I was just awestruck, mouth agaping, at the insolence of it all, and too busy to write.

Secondly: the race between Boeing and Airbus. Every day there was an announcement about who was receiving orders from whichever outback of Africa, Asia or Europe, and it was evident the cards were stacked very favorably towards Airbus.

Today, the AP has a piece on the closing days of the Show on Airbus' evident victory in the orders race, and the battle between the US and Europe over who's receiving too much in the form of subsidies from their respective governments.

Subsidies eventually end in Amtrak like free falls. At least Boeing's origins were free market based despite the forms of help it may be getting today on taxpayers backs. But Airbus, as seemngly successful as it is today, has its very roots in government engineered economics, and is undoubtedly subject to an Amtrak like head on crash somewhere down the track.

Though Europe looks down on America as one to show up in any way they can,
les snobs effete de l'Europe veulent un jour voient la lumière. Though they love to poke fun at Americans, the European MSM will one day look in the mirror to see the missing nose of it's bitten face.

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