Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My Guy is Smarter than Your Guy

Well, it turns out President Bush is marginally smarter than his opponent in the last election, Senator Kerry, if you measure by a final grade at Yale University of 77 compared to Kerry's 76, as reported in the Boston Globe yesterday.

Now, some may make a lot of this especially since Kerry and his supporters were so eager to paint him as an intellectual and Bush as an ignorant goof-off. What I'm more concerned about is that the American people only get to choose between two lame C-students for the most important job in the world! Of course, that was long ago when they were both young and foolish and college grades don't tell everything about a person. Brilliant people don't necessarily make good leaders, either, but c'mon, we should be getting better quality candidates than this. I say we raise the standard to B- for the next election.

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