Friday, June 24, 2005

This Land Was My Land, This Land Was Your Land...

In a truly astonishing decision yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States took away the fundimental right of citizens to hold property. Sound extreme? Well, by ruling in a 5-4 opinion that a city government can take private property by eminent domain for economic development by another private entity, SCOTUS has effectively blown away the rights of the little guy to be secure in his home. Eminent domain has previously be used legitimately (although some would argue otherwise) for public projects such as interstate highways and public water supplies, but this action puts "economic development" in that category. Who's to determine what qualifies? The politicos, of course, at the urging of "development" lobbyists. With this landmark ruling, look for the power of the State to continue to expand over all property, not just the land you live on.

We apparently now will need a Constitutional Amendment to rectify this travesty. Start making a lot of noise about this now because Congress would rather push trivial amendments such as a ban on flag-burning than do something so vitally important.

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