Saturday, July 16, 2005

The House Wins Again (and the suckers always eventually lose)

With its vote yesterday to dramatically expand gambling in Rhode Island the Legislature and Governor (who says he's against gambling, by the way) have finally succeeded in selling the State down the river. It's all over folks. The bad guys have won. We're officially addicted to gambling revenue and we won't be climbing out of the hole. GTECH, BLB and Harrah's will call the shots.

It was promoted as tax relief! Think about that for a minute: these self-interested con-artists over-spend and over-tax and then tell us that we can solve the problem by selling out to the predatory gambling interests. Stupid people are going to lose millions at the State's urging. And the legislators will keep on taxing and spending, and then they will promote even more gambling to cover their excesses. Eventually this ponzi scheme will run out of gas and then it will be back to hefty tax increases to cover the deficits.

Go to this website to see some of the reasons why gambling is a scam.

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