Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's happening again...

I am appalled and once again made aware of a very real problem that ravishes our current world by many reactions I have read to the bombings in London today. The problem is manyfold.

There is the problem of the disbelief in universals. There is no universal law stating that human life is precious above all other machinations. There is no universal law stating that there is such a thing as something inherently evil in nature, or something inherently good in nature. There is no right, there is no wrong. There is only the misguided and the well-intentioned. Without a method to correctly place blame on people responsible for the killing/maiming and otherwise hurting of other people, blame is tossed around from group to group until it rests on a scapegoat (or two).

Lately, the scapegoat for terrorist bombings and the like has been the countries that were attacked.

The countries that were attacked.

The victims.

They are to blame. The public blames them. The world blames the US for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the WTC towers that killed thousands upon thousands of people. It was not the terrorists' fault, for there is no "evil," per se. These terrorists simply have their own belief system, and as we all know, there is no right or wrong belief system -- everything is relative. If the terrorists believed that the US was a country of evildoers and decided it must be attacked, that was their prerogative. It is our fault, somehow, for shaping ourselves in a way that displeased them.

In the wake of the London attacks, just this morning, I have already read at least two articles blaming the foreign policy of the UK and the US (the world's most favorite scapegoat these days) for them. Somehow, these countries whose citizens died at the hands of al Qaeda members are to blame for their own casualties.

In no world, even our own fallen one, is this acceptable. I cannot fathom the twisted logic used by relativists in a time like this, when the world really is split three ways: evildoers, the victims of their prejudice and violence, and the biggest group of all: those who would rather be neutral about the whole thing, regardless of how close to home any of these tragedies hit.

I don't care if you hate George W. Bush with a passion. I don't care if you wish Tony Blair was catapulted into space. Neither of these things matter. In fact, politics or political alliances are completely moot when it comes to the infinitely old battle between good and evil. That is why I am thanking God right now that at least the people who seem to be in charge of both of the great countries that are the United States of America and the United Kingdom have the right idea: We will not tolerate evil or its works. We will not tolerate the murders of our citizens. We will not tolerate the wishy washy nature of this world, however strong the movement may be. We stand for what is good, we stand for freedom and for the lives of the people of our countries, regardless of their political affiliation. Regardless of whether they themselves would rather not be protected from those who would hurt them. The people responsible for the deaths of those 33 (and counting) in the UK today and for the thousands in the US in 2001 will be brought to justice. Because there are still some people who believe in good and evil and in the battle that has to be won for good. al Qaeda is evil. And it is terrorizing the world. (Who knows? Your country could be next.) We won't just stand by idly and watch it happen. Because that is just plain WRONG. In the universal sense of the word.

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