Tuesday, July 05, 2005

SCOTUS Bloggers Predict Owens to Replace O'Connor

I found this great new blog called Supreme Court Nomination Blog - courtesy of SCOTUSBlog, a neat site which has begun monitoring the nomination and confirmation process of Supreme Court Justices. Worth keeping an eye on over the next few weeks or so as we enter into full blown warfare with liberals in the Senate.

BTW, on Meet the Press this week there was this catharsis over how Republicans and Democrats are all ready to put aside their past contentiousness and really all want to get along during this confirmation process. And poo on you if you are from the "far right" or the "far left" and want to mess up this process.

Oh yeah. Sure.

And tonight's evening news corroborated that with reports abounding on how the liberal war machine is in full gear getting ready to "bork" whoever is nominated. In fact they are planning to outbork Bork. BTW, The Weekly Stardard has a plethora of articles this week on Bork and borking.

Tom Goldstein, from SCOTUSBlog, is predicting the recently appointed Priscilla Owens as the replacement for O'Connor. Here is some of his reasoning:

First, I believe the nominee will be a woman. I think that, for reasons of demographic politics, the White House will view it as preferable, but not absolutely necessary, that Justice O'Connor be succeeded by a woman. But with the very strong prospect that the Chief Justice will retire during President Bush's tenure and provide a second nomination opportunity, the White House is all but certain to conclude that at least one of the two nominees must be a woman.

Faced with the choice of nominating a woman now or later, I think that the President will choose now.... the politics of replacing O'Connor with another woman are better.
And since Owens was just confirmed, it would really be something for those who confirmed her to one Federal judgeship to oppose her for the next judgeship. What hypocrisy that would be. Would the liberals chance it? Indeed. And in light of the interesting prediction by Bill Kristol that O'Connor would retire before the Chief Justice, this prediction is also something to consider.

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