Saturday, September 10, 2005

Washington May Still Not Be Getting It

We celebrate the first anniversary of this blog which was launched on September 11, 2004, with a piece in the WSJ by Mark Helprin.

Mark writes again in the recent WSJ Opinion Journal. And here's a taste:

Having made many wrong choices, we find ourselves at yet another strategic crossroads, where invisibly to the general public we are about to choose wrongly again. We are reshaping the military into a gendarmerie, configured for small wars, counterinsurgency, peacekeeping and nation-building, all at the expense of the type of force that could deter or defeat a rising China. Although we need a gendarmerie, we cannot do without heavy formations and the many additional ships required for a navy--now less than half the size of the Reagan fleet and shrinking--to exploit our natural advantage in the Pacific.
Recommend reading the whole thing.

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