Sunday, October 02, 2005

Laffey to Get Lambasted Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Monday, October 3rd, a number of Republican regulars who support United States Senator Lincoln "Horseshoe" Chafee will be unleashing the hounds on Mayor Stephen P. Laffey, Republican primary candidate for Horseshoe's seat.

Nearly an entire year before an actual Primary election, television ads will begin to wallpaper the airwaves to complain of Laffey's past entrepreneurial ventures, insinuating that they were a little shady.

Are they doing this because the Mayor of the little city of Cranston ran a series of ads recently complaining about the way comfortable Republicans "in Washington" behave - indirectly pointing the finger at Horseshoe? Even comfortable Republicans have to be careful about those who run against Washington - it tends to be effective.

I can understand Chafee arguing about Laffey's flaws, and conversely, Laffey complaining about Chafee, but for a national Republican heirarchy to come down on Laffey - what do they do if he wins? What then? And the funny thing is, it's already happened a couple of times. Governator Arnold in California was not on the top of the ticket in the eyes of the Republican heirarchy, and they had to eat crow. They must enjoy a good bowl of crow.

Chafee faces a stiff challenge against Laffey, despite his coming across as what some call "rough around the edges." Yes, a recent Brown University poll has Chafee out ahead, and by a sizeable margin - this is the same poll - conducted by the same Brown professor and supported by the same mainstream media darlings - as the one that had Democrat Myrth York beating now Republican Governor Donald Carcieri by 10 points. Carcieri actually ended up beating York by about that same percentage.

What Independents dislike is flip flop and fibrilation - which is Horseshoe's modus operundi. He's more suspenseful than round robin of Alfred Hitchcock flicks. It will be the Independents along with the upstart Republicans in Rhode Island that will defeat the old money Republicans next year. And it will be about time.

Despite the seeming populism, Laffey is in favor of many conventional Republican ideals. How novel. A Republican in Rhode Island actually promoting and defending Republican principals of lower taxes, smaller government, less spending, more freedom, more entrepreneurship, less corruptoin, and in favor of the selection of Federal judges who are originalist in their interpretation of the Constitution.

Stay tuned.

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