Saturday, October 08, 2005

Liberals Who Oppose Voter Initiative

What do Projo columnist M. Charles Bakst, Lt. Gov. Charles Fogarty, RI State Senator Elizabeth Roberts, and U.S. Senate Candidate Sheldon Whitehouse all have in common?

They all oppose voter initiative.

A couple of days ago
Anchor Rising had an exquisite post by Carroll Andrew Morse on how these pols think " that lawmaking is solely the province of the elite." Bah!

The ancient Senescent Man and his buddies recall promoting voter initiative in RI in the 1970's and 80's, shortly after California successfully lowered their tax burden through va oter initiative there called proposition 13.

Only RI needs it now more than ever because, as Governor Carcieri realizes that a 7% sales tax is driving business to Massachusetts and Connecticut, as are tax free holidays while a Democrat legislature wants to hold taxes high; and as voters contend with the threat of legalized homosexual marriage while legislatures all around New England are ready to bend (no pun intended), the ONLY way people are going to have a voice is through voter initiative.

Why is it that those who oppose voter initiative by and large are the most liberal of the press and of those holding office?

Why is that?

You would think that liberals want a more democratic society where the people have more voice.

What are they are they afraid of?

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