Monday, October 17, 2005

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is at it Again

Yes, just when you thought the National Republican Senatorial Committee might make an effort to curtail its self destructive behavior, the folks from Washington DC are at it again:

Carroll Andrew Morse from Anchor Rising has spotted another lambasting of Republican Mayor Steve Laffey.

Morse reports:

The Washington Post’s
Chris Cillizza has a preview of the next anti-Laffey ad being run in Rhode Island by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Here is Cillizza’s description of the content…
The narrator says Laffey used taxpayer dollars to soundproof his mayoral office and spent ‘thousands on spy cameras to spy on employees.’

‘Bizarre...but the joke's on us,’ the narrator says, adding that Cranston had the highest property taxes in the state under Laffey and that Laffey raised taxes twice. ‘Tax and Spend Steve Laffey ... Nobody's laughing now,’ the narrator intones at the ad's close.

A reaction to this?

This is from an e-mail received by
National Review Online
For the past year or so, I've been sending the solicitation envelopes back with nothing in them but a note like this:

NOT ONE MORE DIME!! We do not donate our hard-earned money to the RNC so you lot can waste it financing the campaigns of squish candidates, working to defeat good conservatives in primaries, or to continue a cycle of begging us for more money to be used for more such nonsense. NOT ONE MORE DIME until RNC starts supporting conservative candidates. Meanwhile, we are sending donations directly to the campaigns of candidates we believe are worth supporting.

To that I say: Is Lincoln Chafee really worth it? With his atrocious record on Republican issues?

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