Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Who are you?

No, not a CSI victim, although as time goes on it looks like the trend will be for more and more dissection. What is at question is: Who is the Republican Party? Christie Todd Whitman weighed in with a book and an appearance at the Brown (party on!) Bookstore yesterday as recounted by the Providence Journal.

It isn't surprising, of course, that the Bush Administration is considered conservative even though is has done hugely non-conservative things like attempted nation-building, boosting tariffs, expanding entitlements, and outspending liberals. Neither is it surprising that actual conservatives will get blamed for it. Look for the voters to be bamboozled by this propaganda and elect just the folks who will make it worse. The problem isn't the "fundimentalists" or "religious right" who are just reacting to the trampling they have taken for decades, its the opportunists like CTW who try to advance the liberal-lite philosophy. You know, bad ideas just not so bad as the really radical left and taken at a slower pace.

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