Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More on Laffey v. Chafee

Town Hall reports that the National Republican Senatorial Committee, led by North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole, is continuing to meddle in the Rhode Island GOP primary at the expense of conservative US Senate challenger Steve Laffey.

In response to today's Club for Growth endorsement of Laffey (see Gary's post below), the NRSC has released this dirty attack document against the conservative challenger.

Says Town Hall: The NRSC should not be spending its money against conservative Republicans... period.

Currently, Laffey is said to be polling very well against Chafee. If Chafee sees the writing on the wall and leaves the party to run as an independent, he would not have to undergo a primary challenge. Town Hall asks: If [Chafee] does this, will the NRSC still support him?

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