Sunday, February 19, 2006

Rhetoric, Taxes and Other Things Rising

My good friend Sol Venturi - the sage of the Blogosphere - has brought to my attention an interesting dialogue over at Anchor Rising on the Chafee - Laffey US Senate race. Read the comments from this post by Marc Comtois to catch the drift.

Also at Rising is this interesting follow up discussion on the difference between Mayor Laffey and Senator Chafee regarding tax policy. A lot of criticism has come upon Laffey regarding the raising of taxes in Cranston that was necessitated by the fiscal debacle there prior to his signing on as mayor. But at about the same time, Chafee was raising our Federal taxes - and significantly. A quote from Anchor Rising's Carroll Andrew Morse:

At about the same time that Mayor Laffey was dealing with the budget issues in Cranston that [Chafee apologist Ian] Lang refers to, Senator Chafee was fighting in Congress to impose a Federal tax burden on the country that was
hundreds of dollars more per-household than the President wanted. Why, at this time, was it OK for Senator Chafee to favor high tax rates, but not OK for Mayor Laffey?

My question exactly. Plus Laffey was pulling Cranston out of bankruptcy. What was Chafee doing?

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