Thursday, March 16, 2006

Chafee Backpeddles

Chafee has announced late this afternoon that the Projo reporter got it all wrong. That he is NOT, after all, refusing to rule out a censure of President Bush. Below is his statement:

"As I stated on Tuesday, I do not support Senator Russell Feingold's resolution to censure the President. In a news article, the Providence Journal reporter chose to interpret the notion that I will not rule out the censure of any President in any number of hypothetical circumstances as an endorsement of the drastic censure resolution currently being offered in the Senate. This is misleading considering my recent comments on this issue. From the first mention of this resolution, I have never expressed support for it."

This is what Projo's John Mulligan stated on the front page article in today's paper:

"However, Chafee said he does not rule out an eventual decision to back the censure resolution, introduced Monday. He also welcomed the public argument that Feingold has spurred about the surveillance program. "You just don't hear it -- any outrage, or questioning of it, or even support," Chafee said, referring to what he considers to be a dearth of debate in Rhode Island about the wiretapping. Chafee has jumped into a debate that Feingold's fellow Democrats have treated with uneasiness at a moment when polls show most Americans supporting the wiretap program -- even as they give Mr. Bush low approval ratings overall."

I guess I can understand how Mulligan might have misunderstood Chafee.

Doesn't everyone?

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