Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Plea for Stupidity at the Voting Booth: Chafee's Wife Makes an Appeal for Democratic Votes in September

Senator Chafee's wife, Stephanie, couldn't help making an appeal to Democrats to disaffiliate from their party (now) so they can vote for her husband in the Republican Primary (in September), according to a vigilant and astute Andrew Morse at Anchor Rising (HT: WR). Go there to read the complete and appalling full text of her letter.

Let's examine the ramifications:

We have a "maverick" Republican US Senator who appears to need and want Democrats to vote in the Republican Primary so he can have the privilege of running against a Democrat.

This plan tends to backfire in a number of ways:
  1. His actions will have a tendancy to disenfranchise members of his own Party in their Party Primary. Not a friendly gesture to fellow Republicans.
  2. He polutes the Primary voting pool.
  3. He provides Democrats with two bites at the apple
  4. Democrats could set him up to win so he could lose against their candidate in November
  5. Democrats could vote in the Republican Primary instead for his opponent, Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey, thinking that he'd be the weaker candidate against Whitehouse or Brown, thus working against him.
  6. Republicans, learning this, will react to salvage their Party from a Democrat intrusion by ousting Chafee.

The ramifications go on and on.

My thinking is this will give Laffey a good deal to work with among Republican Party stalwarts.

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