Saturday, May 06, 2006

Alas Poor Patrick, We Know Him Well

We're late in covering Patrick Kennedy's series of auto accidents and his "surprising" admission for his need of rehab. One must respect someone who witnesses his or her own flaws and then seeks help and corrective action. But consider that the man is a Congressman, and sitting on the mighty Appropriations Committee. Also consider that his facts don't exactly add up. Was he or was he not drunk as well as in a drug induced stupor? Did the Capital Police cover anything up? If he were Jerry Falwell, would the MSM have treated him any differently?

In a recent Weekly Standard, the Scrapbook took note of the "Patrick Watch" going on at the Boston Herald. And they make fun of the RI electorate for "mysteriously" returning Patrick to office election year after election year:

Who--besides the Rhode Island electorate that mysteriously returns him to office--could forget Patrick trashing his chartered yacht, or announcing that "I am on a lot of different medications, for among other things, depression," [sic] or shoving a female airport security guard when she tried to make him check his bag.

Fresh off of a career high-point earlier this month, in which Patrick was hit in the mouth with a hammer while watching a demonstration of Impact Gel shock-absorbing material at a trade show (he got six stitches and didn't even cry!), Kennedy has again handed his bĂȘte noire Howie Carr, a Boston Herald columnist and radio host, fresh material. [His April 15 auto accident in Portsmouth -- and now this.]

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