Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Laffey's Tax Plan Takes Center Stage

Andrew Morse and Mark Comtois have swiftly posted on the Laffey tax plan which ought to receive a fair hearing in the press, but I'm betting that it won't.

In a word, Laffey's plan is elegant. Just enough, not too much, and devoid of all the clap trap that the Congress has larded the system with over many years. This plan demonstrates Laffey's astute financial acumen.

Chafee has responded with obfuscation and clanking noises about Laffey having to raise taxes in Cranston, which, by now, most Repubicans in RI understand how Laffey rescued Cranston from the brink. Though no one likes their taxes raised -- I don't and I reside in Cranston -- the root of the problem preceded him, and, in fact, reached back to the liberal Repulican reign of Mike Traficante -- a personable guy by the way, but one who unfortunately set the stage for his Democratic successor, John O'Leary, who really tied the city into a knot.

BTW, I hear the state is facing a similarly serious pension liability problem, and that comes from a former Republican legislator from Cranston. Oh and also BTW, Laffey's Democratic foes in Cranston agree that Laffey had taken the right steps to save the city from default. So just what is Chafee (or his sophomoric handlers) trying to say?

Chafee is starting to come across like Jackie Gleason: "Humina humina humina..."

Anyway, some good discussion over at Rising. Check it out

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