Sunday, June 18, 2006

Advantage Chafee

This week I'm giving the ad to Linc.

His TV ads have been relentless and, sad to say, effective, though they are brimming with poppycock, and his guest visit by John McCain this weekend gave him some excellent press from an already biased monopoly newspaper.

I take off points for the fact that, when asked how he might vote on a resolution to set a timetable for removing the troops in Iraq, he said he was "undecided." This is vintage Chafee, he simply can't decide on something that others, with a little conviction, would consider a no-brainer.

Perhaps Laffey's advisors are recommending a better timing for his ads? I am aware that he's walking and knocking on doors, and is counting on the typical turnout for a RI Republican Primary, but I didn't see much in the way of campaign traction from the Laffey camp this week.

Advantage Chafee. But we're still in early innings.

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