Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bill Dimitri RIP

My first encounter with Bill Dimitri was when he was running against Bob Tiernan for the 2nd Conressional seat in RI. It was 1970, and he was making a speech at URI sponsored by the Young Republicans. A likeable man, but boy, was he ever from my school of politics!

Moreover he was a true intellectual. He read really good stuff, and continued to do so while a prosecutor and later an attorney and a judge.

He held strong beliefs and articulated them well. Though the Journal today was unkind about his representing "notorious" criminals and alleged criminals (including my brother during the RISDIC crisis of the early 1990's - or should I say the Sundlun induced crisis of the 1990's), he was tough on bad guys as a judge.

He put his whole personality into what he did, and he believed strongly in what he did. I recall him writing a letter to the editor to chide the Providence Journal in their unfair representations of one of his clients, long after he had been acquitted.

He was a man of true integrity, and he will be greatly missed.

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