Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bremer on the Positive Turn in Iraq: Objective is Victory not a Timetable

Presidential Envoy and Ambassador Paul Bremer has an exquisite piece in today's WSJ (free, online registation required). Some of the excerpts:

Terrorist organizations are secretive to the point of paranoia. The tip that led us to Zarqawi came from within his organization. This is sure to concern the remaining killers. Which of their colleagues can they trust? In the past such uncertainty has led to devastating internecine squabbling, even war, inside terrorist groups. And intelligence tips from the Iraqi people have increased tenfold in the past year, suggesting that they are fed up with terrorist atrocities....

Al Qaeda is still in Iraq; these killers from the outside have a simple vision for this country, which is to impose by force a Taliban-like extremist government that would support terrorism worldwide. Then there are the Iraqi insurgents, almost exclusively Sunnis. Killers from Saddam's intelligence and security forces, these men have a different, but equally clear, vision for Iraq. They want to shoot their way back into power and install a Saddam-like dictatorship. They share al Qaeda's hatred of democracy, have engaged in some operational coordination with the terrorists, and have given them safe haven....

Some in America instead speak of setting timetables for the withdrawal of our forces. This would be an historic mistake. Withdrawing our troops before Iraqis can defend themselves would endanger American security by encouraging more terrorism. It would betray the democratic government of Iraq and dishonor the sacrifices of American service men and women.

All the audiences to the ongoing drama in Iraq--the Iraqi people, the American people and terrorists everywhere--must understand that our objective in Iraq is victory and that we will do whatever is necessary to prevail.
Bravo Bremer! Now, consider the pap emanating from Sheldon Whitehouse and Lincoln Chafee on this subject.

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