Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dan Yorke's Tirade

I'm guessing that Dan Yorke will get somewhere on page one of the Projo tomorrow, June 22. He outdid himself today.

I always sense a tinge of contrivance on the part of Dan. He doesn't seem like a true believer of anything, though he tries to come across as strident on some issues. I think he is merely an entertainer, pulling for ratings. And I think he thought if he tried to really pour it on with Laffey today on his WPRO 63 radio program, he'd make some headlines and boost his ratings for being, well, controversial.

Well, I think even he knows he went a little over the top today.

Laffey's promo for the event said that the "Mayor will be discussing a wide range of topics. If you have a question for Mayor Laffey, please call "The Dan Yorke Show" at 401-438-9776." Little did he know that Dan had other plans.

What they ended up discussing, ad nauseum, was one issue of Dan's own choosing, relentlessly, and that was over something for which Laffey was but a mere bystander - some feud that Yorke has had with his former competitor John DiPetro, who has long ago moved up to a Boston station.

I was hoping for Yorke to discuss issues much like he had done with Chafee some weeks back, but his ego got in the way.

Laffey supporters should call the station and complain that he never received equal time. As for me, I am going on a boycott of all the stuff they advertise on Yorke's program until a change of some type is made. Please feel free to join me.

Yorke has demonstrated that he's no longer a legitimate talk show host. Ironically, Yorke enjoys exposing hacks on his radio program. Evidently, he did it again today, only the hack he exposed he sees every morning in his bathroom mirror.

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