Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One Man's Reacton to the Discovery of Our Fallen Heroes in Youssifiyah

What do Americans value?

Life. Freedom. Free speech, freedom of the press. Freedom of religion. The pursuit of happiness.

What do Islamo-fascists value:

Death. No religious freedom. Constrained speech. Manipulation of the press. The pursuit of a (false) nirvana after death.

What are the disadvantages of this vast divide in our values versus the so-called values of our enemies?

The answer is that our enemies will take advantage of our love of life, our freedoms and our sense of fair play.

How would they do that?

By being brutal and viscious in the way they treat prisoners, who are to them hostages that they can manipulate, torture at will, and exploit throug our own obligation to disseminate the facts.

What should we do about that?

What we shouldn't do is lower ourselves to their level. There were similar atrocities during World War II with Japan, who freely beheaded their prisoners, practicing their execution methods on them. We didn't resort to equal barbarism, though the visceral part of us would desire an eye for an eye, our culture is based on grace.

But the simple answer to this question is to be determined to pursue and obtain full victory in this war. And to never give up until the enemy is completely vanquished,

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