Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi's Dead

Ding dong, the wicked Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, militant Islamo-fascist and al-Qaida leader in Iraq, beheader of the innocent, and all around menace and mayhem creator is dead. Allah be praised! The NY Times has a terrific photo of the dead Zarqawi's head here but I may post it later.

I picked up the news at exactly 6 AM this morning when NPR news kicked on. I rolled over and whispered into my wife's ear, "Zarqawi is dead," as if it was a sweet nothing. Indeed, the news was sweet. Though he was likely dead at least 18 hours earlier, the coalition forces sat on this euphoria instigating news so as to take advantage of the chaos it would cause al-Qaida across the Middle East.

Who knows, if we're lucky, someone made a telephone call to eastern Afghanistan, and we're triangulating right now on a bigger target. I hope so.

In any event, it was a true reminder that we're still in a war, that we need to patient, that we will continue to have losses and mourn our brave, self sacrificing heros, and that there will be these twists and turns. Sometimes the news will be good (like today's) and sometimes bad (like it has been for the past four months), and that we can't blame that on a relatively well meaning yet inarticulate president.

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