Friday, July 28, 2006

Is it Really Hypocrisy?

I've said this a dozen times if I've said it once, liberals HATE hypocrisy. But try to pin them down as to whether there is such a thing as absolute truth (Is it an absolute truth that hypocrisy is evil?) and they'll go running to the valet door even if it is hidden under a lamp shade.

And now comes the accusation that Laffey, opposed to Federal spending on embryonic stem cell research, is (dare I say) hypocritical since he invests some of his private assets into privately funded stem cell research.

Well, two things: private is better than public, and Laffey makes a distinction: his investment is in stem cell research, not embryonic stem cell research, which usually involves the destruction of fertilized human embryos. And as Andrew Morse at Anchor Rising has aptly noted, there is a difference.

One 30,000 foot observation here: Chafee must see something we don't see for him to be picking such fights. Is he trying to persuade Laffey supporters to give it up? Why? Is he fading and needs the votes?

The summer is young.

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