Thursday, August 31, 2006

Coulter's View of the RI Senatorial Primary

Ann Coulter on Laffey v. Chafee:

President Bush is supporting the Democrat over the Republican in Rhode Island, too. In the Republican primary, Bush supports Lincoln Chafee -- who votes with Bush on the important issues less often than Sen. Lieberman does -- over the only actual Republican in the race, Stephen Laffey.

Apart from Bush, the only person who hasn't figured out that Lincoln Chafee is a Democrat is Lincoln Chafee. As the expression goes, if Chafee switched parties, the average IQ on both sides of the aisle would go up.

But read the whole thing.

In the mean time, Bakst has a problem with Laffey's opinion about the sovereignty of God in this morning's Projo.

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