Thursday, August 03, 2006

Helprin on Iran

I came across a piece by Mark Helprin the other day from the newlsetter of the Claremont Institute on the subject of how we should deal with Iran. Helprin is a brilliant thinker and an exquisite writer. His piece had been previously published in the Washington Post. Here is the link to "After Diplomacy Fails." I highly recommend a quick thumb through.

An excerpt:

Iran's claim of innocuous nuclear ambitions comports both with the Islamic doctrine of taqqiya (literal truth need not be conveyed to infidels) and the Western doctrine of state secrecy (the same thing), and it is part of a strategy of deception and false compromise deployed to buy time. After almost three years, the Bush administration has maneuvered the International Atomic Energy Agency to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council, where it will fall under the protection of Russia and China, which will make any resolution meaningless or veto it outright. In the event of sanctions, Iran can sell oil to China in exchange for all the manufactures it might need, trade on the black market and eventually reenter the world economy after the inevitable unveiling of Iranian nuclear weapons stimulates the resignation of the West.

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