Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chafee Pulls a Fast One on Bolton Nomination

There are some very good comments posted at Anchor Rising re: the Laffey v. Chafee race indicating that clearly, it must be Chafee's intention to axe the Bolton nomination. National news item: Chafee stalls the Bolton vote. Why? He intends to vote no, but doesn't want to do so before the primary. Win or lose, he's apt to vote no just the same.

Will voters realize what he's up to? Laffey should get some headlines with his response. An excerpt:

According to the Associated Press today, Senator Chafee “pulled the plug” on John Bolton’s confirmation as UN Ambassador, “saying he had more questions that needed to be answered.” Once again, Senator Chafee has demonstrated how indecisive he is on the critical issues. Whether it is his vote on Justice Alito, or his vote in the 2004 Presidential election, or his vote on Bolton, Senator Chafee clearly lacks the decision-making skills required of a US Senator.Over the past year, John Bolton has demonstrated that he is a capable and effective representative of America’s interests in the United Nations.

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