Monday, September 04, 2006

Everybody Out of the Pool

LGF has a post on how radical Islamic nations intend to share lethal nuclear technologies with other Islamo fascist regimes around the world when they get their clutches on it.

Now we learn that China and Russia are planning to veto any sanctioning actions against Iran on the part of the West due to their kookie nuclear pursuits, this being the result of our giving Iran a long period of time to consider a liberal offer through the United Nations to shut down their nuclear ambitions. The big carrot has been refused. It should be time for the big stick.

In response, I think we should consider sanctions on Russia and China. With all those major multinational companies systematically locating operating facilities in these low cost economies, wouldn't it be interesting if the State Department suddenly announced "everybody out of the pool!" Wouldn't that be a big surprise to both those countries and the big companies, but it might just get the leaders of China and Russia thinking. Hmmm, US dollars or Iranian oil? Hmmm, influx of US dollars and local employment or Iranian camels?

Tough choice, but maybe we have got to force them consider such an offer. Especially if we want to start having an effect on the Ahmadinejhad government.

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