Saturday, September 02, 2006

Has Chafee Thrown in the Towel?

Am I just imagining it, or has Senator Chafee already thrown in the towel? I haven't seen any policy statements emerging from the Chafee camp of late, and it seems like the heavy lifting continues to be done by the NRSC.

Is it the polls? I suspect that the inside polls are telling the story. I was thinking that the flood of really nasty, negative ads were rolled out because they can see Laffey either closing the gap, or surpassing the incumbent Senator. Many put faith in negative ads because they tend to work, though the risk is in backfiring, which is what I believe they've been doing to Chafee for the last several weeks.

Laffey seems to be emerging as more acceptable to those who previously were hypercritical of him, and Laffey's policy statements and positive ads are giving hm traction.

But I wonder about the Chafee camp.

Hello? Is there life out there?

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