Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Letter from the GOP

It's ironic, but I received the following urgent message this afternoon from the GOP:

It's sickening!

"Republican In Name Only" (RINO) Senator Lincoln Chafee is about to scuttle the confirmation of John Bolton as Ambassador to the United Nations!

In fact, a vote that was supposed to occur to advance the nomination of John Bolton -- the tough-talking, no-nonsense U.S. Ambassador the United Nations -- DID NOT happen because of Chafee's opposition.

You know Lincoln Chafee!

He's the Rhode Island Senator who practically inherited his seat from his father -- he has consistently worked AGAINST the conservative agenda that a majority of Americans want.

Chafee has fought AGAINST tax cuts, he thumbs his nose at demands to control out-of-control spending, he's been a squish on national defense; you name the issue and Chafee's name always comes up as an ally to the liberal opposition!

And now, he's also the Senator who is working to defeat John Bolton's confirmation!
It's hard to deduce exactly what Chafee is scheming. Indeed, according to a survey released by the Hudson Institute...

75% of Americans believe the U.N. is no longer "effective" and "needs to be held more accountable."

71% believe the U.N. "needs to be considerably reformed."

67% believe "there are too many undemocratic nations in the U.N. that do not care about promoting democracy and freedom."

Only 37% believe the U.N. is "effective in PREVENTING wars and military conflicts."

Only 32% believe the UN is "effective in ENDING wars and military conflicts."

And, here's the kicker: A majority of Americans, a whopping 57%, "now believe the United Nations should be scrapped and replaced if it cannot be reformed and made more effective," according to the survey.

John Bolton's views on the United Nations are in step with those of the American people. And during his recess appointment, Bolton has shown that he won't back down to the U.N.

bureaucrats and dictators who hate America.

Lincoln Chafee may THINK he has stopped Bolton's nomination cold.

But Chafee forgot one very important thing.

He forgot about YOU! He forgot about the diligence of the American people!

And with your help -- he's going to THINK AGAIN!

One thing is certain: If Bolton isn't confirmed in the next two weeks -- there is a very good chance that he will be forced to step down and step aside, as his recess appointment will expire soon after Congress adjourns.

And if that happens, liberals like Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry and Kofi Annan will raise their glasses in celebration and whoop and holler with joy!

And we are just not ready to take defeat -- not at the hands of a RINO Senator!

Use the hyperlink below to send your URGENT Blast Fax messages to President Bush, Republican In Name Only Senator Lincoln Chafee -- as well as the remaining 9 Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee -- and the Republican leaders of the United States Senate!

Tell them that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Demand that Chafee be disciplined for this betrayal of his party and the American people and -- if necessary -- demand they strip Chafee of his committee assignments.

And furthermore, remind these Senators that John Bolton MUST be confirmed in the next two weeks at all costs and by any means necessary. Remind them that an election is coming up in less than 60 days and that the American people are sick and tired of the stalls and obstructions on the Bolton nomination -- especially stalls and obstructions that come from so-called Republicans!


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