Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Train Station in Cologne - Barbarians at the Gates

There's an interesting "I get it" unsigned editorial in this morning's (September 2) Projo. An excerpt:

On July 31, German officials say several people with Arabic names planted bombs in suitcases on trains departing from Cologne's main station with the intention of killing hundreds of people. Luckily, the bombs were discovered in time. And several people have been arrested as suspects in the case.

Some readers might be surprised -- after all, Germany opposed the Iraq war, hasn't had many nice things to say about the Israeli attack on Hezbollah and has, all in all, tried to make nice with the Islamic world. For that matter, some of the 9/11 attack was planned in Germany.

But wait! How about another reason: Islamic terrorists just don't like the West, any of it, though they may be drawn to its material benefits.

Our contention exactly! We are in a war with extremist Islamic fascists. And it doesn't matter if we try to play nice. Therefore, civilized western culture has no choice but to fight back to survive.

Does the West wish to survive?

What did Rome do when the Barbarians were at the gate of the city? They folded. Will we?

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