Monday, October 16, 2006

Chafee's Sick TV Ads

It appears that Senator Chafee has abandoned his right flank entirely. He's decided to place all his bets on his left liberal, make-believe "right in the middle with you" fantasy,

His recent TV ads are touting his anti-Bush liberal message, so he can basically out liberal Sheldon Whitehouse. Somehow that's going to secure his base. How? As it is many Republicans have decided to, at best, sit out the race - which i think is a mistake. But pronouncing these views make people like me who are willing to squint and hold our noses while we vote for Chafee ponder whether that's the right move.

Why vote for a liberal in Republican's clothing?

Wouldn't you think he'd need at least some of the real Republican vote in RI to defeat Whitehouse? In this ad, he basically tells Republicans that he's proud he's not voting with them.

Conservatives are not afforded a choice in that race. Too bad Laffey lost.

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