Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NPR Reports that Republicans Can't Win in RI

Want to listen to a bunch of bunk?

NPR's Mara Liason
reports on the Chafee and Whitehouse race.

The hyperliberals at NPR are writing him off to Whitehouse in this report on how the blue state of RI -- who never votes for Republicans, particularly conservative Republicans (ahem: Carcieri - who will slaughter Fogarty if you have been paying attention to the debates) -- will knock off Chafee like a gnat.

Okay, Chafee is a dweeb, and I, for one, will be holding my nose to vote for him, but NPR has it all wrong about him and Republicans in RI in general. You'll have to hear it for yourself.

Note the last few words from Mara in the report. People want a Democrat Senate (oh yeah?)!

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