Thursday, October 05, 2006

Punt the House

I wake up most mornings to the shrill of NPR's Morning Addition, and lately every morning there is a lecture from either Maura Liason or Cokie Roberts or Nina Totenberg on why the Republicans are losing ground. How George W. has dropped a few percentage points when it comes to "approval" ratings.

Rich Karlgaard at Forbes has an interesting idea. He suggests that maybe it's time to let the Dems take over the House.

But, he adds, let's imagine:

Now let's suppose Democrats take the House by a slim majority. There will be joyous posts at the Daily Kos followed by loud singing of "Happy Days Are Here Again," "Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)" or whatever it is that Democrats sing these days. But then comes January 2007--and cold reality. Consider this leadership lineup:

  • Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi
  • Chairman, Ways & Means Committee: Charles Rangel
  • Chairman, House Judiciary Committee: John Conyers
  • Chairman, House Appropriations Committee: David Obey
  • Chairman, Government Reform Committee: Henry Waxman
  • Chairman, Energy & Commerce Committee: John Dingell

  • The average age of these congressmen is 72. By contrast, Newt Gingrich was 51 and Dick Armey was 54 when they led the Republican revolution and takeover in 1994. Revolution favors the young.

    He adds:

    Another number to keep in mind is 98--the above lineup's average voting-record rating, as scored by the liberal Americans for Democratic Action. Poor Dingell scores only 95. The Michigan congressman once served as a board member of the National Rifle Association. Obviously, this right-winger will have to go.

    What would the incoming Democratic House leadership make its top priorities? Thwarting terrorism? Growing the economy? Based on their recent legislative efforts, Pelosi and Dingell would try to nationalize health care. Obey would want more aid for farmers, because $180 billion over ten years is not enough. Rangel would raise taxes on income and capital gains, penalize outsourcers and institute a draft. Conyers would try to impeach President Bush. Waxman would strike evil at America's heart with a ban on Krispy Kreme (nyse: KKD - news - people ) doughnuts.

    That would secure a Republican manjority for awhile.

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